Property inspections. Organized. Effortless.

RentCheck is the property management solution that helps property managers save time on inspections with easy self- guided inspections that anyone can do from their smartphone. 

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Empower residents to complete inspections or do them on your own

Conduct move-in, move-out, annual, periodic, and turn inspections on RentCheck. Regularly check in on the condition of your properties by empowering residents to complete inspections on their own. We handle all of the reminders to help ensure they get done on time.

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Share beautiful, standardized inspection reports 

You’ll feel good knowing that all of your inspections are done in a thorough and consistent manner. Download and share beautiful and professional inspection reports in seconds. All reports are time-stamped and stored securely in the cloud. 

Earn property owners' trust 

Bring property owners into the fold. Keep them informed by giving them easy access to inspection reports and insight into the property condition. By thoroughly documenting properties accurately, you'll win the business you deserve. 

Grow your portfolio 

By saving time on in-home inspection scheduling, coordination, and travel, you’ll be able to focus on more productive activities like adding doors and growing your portfolio.

Build positive relationships with residents

Give residents a better experience by making inspections easier and more convenient. Keep lines of communication open and stay ahead of maintenance issues by empowering residents to do inspections on their own.

Learn more about how RentCheck works for residents.


Hear why customers love RentCheck

"RentCheck is an excellent way to augment your routine inspections or to begin an inspection process. If you are looking for a solution to improve or leverage your unit inspection process, RentCheck just makes perfect sense.”

~Aaron Houser

Jacksonville, FL

[also uses AppFolio]

"RentCheck has helped us automate our property inspections, saving countless man hours and scheduling headaches. Our homeowners love getting a thorough inspection with photos of their property, and our residents are empowered to take control over their security deposit. We love the team at RentCheck, who takes our feedback and keeps improving the platform. We can't recommend them enough!"

~Jess Gross

Denver, CO

[also uses Buildium]

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