Eliminate disputes over deposit deductions! 

Avoid losing out on unjust deductions from your security deposit

Prevent unfair deposit deductions

Did you know that 30% of all renters are forced to forfeit some or all of their security deposit? 

Prevent future disputes over property damages with the RentCheck app.

Inspections around your schedule

RentCheck allows you to complete those pesky routine property inspections without having to coordinate a walk-through with your landlord.

Peace of mind

Once you've completed your inspection, all your data is stored securely, backed up to the cloud and readily available the moment you need it.

How Does RentCheck Work?

Always complete an inspection, even if your landlord doesn't require one. Let's get started!

Enter property address and details.

Set up your property


Follow the guided walkthrough to properly document the property.

Complete your inspection


View detailed inspection report and send to your property manager.

Share completed inspection


Renter Features

Securely share time-stamped images and notes

Access inspections anytime 

Organized inspection report 

Guided walk-through on any mobile device

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