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RentCheck makes it easy for property managers to document a property. Our software enables fast and easy to use guided inspections. 

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Remote Property Inspections

RentCheck allows you to complete as few or as many routine inspections as you wish, remotely. That means no need to ever show up for an inspection. We'll walk tenants through an easy-to-follow guided inspection so that you don't have to!


Whether you are a single property owner or are a real estate mogul, RentCheck scales with you. There's no need to set up complicated forms or choose from a wide range of templates, simply select the size of your property and you're all set to begin your inspection.

Prevent unexpected and costly repairs

Avoid landlord-tenant disputes.

RentCheck allows you to keep all your rental properties in check, all from one easy-to-use platform. Request periodical inspections from your tenants to ensure your property is in tip top shape!

RentCheck for Landlords

Enter property address and details

Set up your property


Enter the tenant's email address to request they perform inspection

Request an inspection


View completed detailed inspection report within app

View completed inspection


Landlord Features

Submit and track inspection requests

Unlimited property inspection requests

Organize all properties from one interface

Share reports of completed inspections

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