Flexible property setup

Easily configure the rooms and areas unique to your property and they'll automatically be included in inspections. Have a lot of properties? We also make it fast and easy to bulk import properties from property management solutions like Appfolio, Buildium, Propertyware, and Rent Manager.

Inspection scheduling 

Schedule move-in, move-out, annual, turn, and periodic inspections with ease.  Set up move-in inspections to be completed by a specific date after move-in. Or schedule periodic inspections to be completed every three months, six months, or any interval you choose. Once scheduled, we handle all of the reminders to help ensure they get done on time. 

Remote inspections

Choose whether you'd like to have residents do inspections or perform them on your own. With our remote inspection feature residents are guided through simple, intuitive, and in-depth inspections. And with RentCheck, you always have full control over how you want to configure and manage your inspections. For example, you may find you'd like to continue to do move-out inspections yourself but want to save the hassle of coordination and travel by having residents do periodic inspections remotely. Imagine all the extra time you will have.

Learn more about how remote inspections work for you and your residents.

Inspection reminders 

Once inspections have been scheduled we handle all invites and reminders to help ensure they are completed on time. From start to finish, we walk invited residents through every step of the inspection process. They enjoy how fast and easy it is and you can rest easy knowing it's off your plate.

Detailed inspection reporting 

Our standardized inspection process is designed to cover every corner and crevice. No more thinking about what to ask or write down. Replace pen and paper with a digital inspection process that is consistent and organized. Have peace of mind knowing that your documentation is detailed and accurate with time-stamped photos and ratings, stored securely in the Cloud. 

Ready to start saving time on inspections?

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